Start the year off by strengthening donor relationships with tax receipts


Tax receipt time is here again. Instead of just the standard required receipt, customize the message to remind donors about the wonderful work you do.

The IRS requires that you provide a donation receipt for donations greater than $250.00 and donors need the receipt to qualify for a tax deduction. That said, every donation no matter how small deserves a thank you and a receipt. Even in-kind gifts should receive an acknowledgement of some sort. Donors might be new to your nonprofit and provide an in-kind donation or small cash donation until they are more familiar with the work you do. Don’t miss the opportunity to convert these donations into a recurring gift or larger donations once you invite them in to learn more. A personal handwritten message on the receipt can leave a lasting impression on your donor.

Not only should a tax receipt display a summary of all donations, but the customized receipt can display a short story of your nonprofit’s impact. Every touchpoint can remind donors of why they give.

Stewardship’s comprehensive tax receipt options, make this process simple so you can focus on what really matters, engaging your donors. At Stewardship, we are here to help!

Watch this video to see Stewardship’s Tip & Trick over Best Practices for Year-End Tax Receipts