5 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Online Fundraiser

Did you know that about 78% of donors worldwide prefer to give digitally (whether online with a card, with text-to-give, etc.)?* Because of the influence, digital giving has, it is important that your faith community, nonprofit, or cause does everything it can to improve its online campaigns.

1. Tell your story.

People are influenced by stories. Take the time to share stories about your community on your social media, website, and fundraising pages. When people connect emotionally with you and your story, they’re more likely to donate.

2. Create a fundraising thermometer.

Online fundraisers see an average increase of 35% in giving when a crowdfunding thermometer is created.* Donors feel the impact of their combined efforts when they’re able to see how much has been raised toward the fundraising goal.

3. Highlight donors on your social media and website.

Did you receive a large donation? Did an individual hold a fundraiser to contribute to your overall campaign? Share these successes on your social media, website, and fundraising pages. People are inspired by the generosity of others.

4. Add a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.

When you create an online campaign, be sure to add a button encouraging donors to raise donations. A “Fundraise” button encourages participants to create a fundraiser of their own to support your cause. Stewardship’s Electronic Giving Solutions (EGS) platform offers a peer-to-peer fundraising option so you can reach more donors than ever before!

5. Try something completely different.

Are your current fundraisers not working? Try something completely different. GiveGame uses sports and entertainment to raise funds for your cause. Donors can compete against each other (in a fantasy football league, for example) to donate to their cause of choice. Learn more about GiveGame here.


With Stewardship’s Electronic Giving Solutions (EGS) platform, you can manage donations and create online fundraisers with more reach than before. With customized giving forms, event registration, peer-to-peer fundraising and more, EGS has all of the tools you need for your online fundraising campaigns. Learn more about EGS here.

*Online Giving Trends, NP Source, 2018.

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