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Why Stewardship Technology?


Peer-to-peer fundraisers are easy. With a couple of clicks or swipes, a person can share a fundraiser to their social media profile. Not only is it easy to share a fundraiser with peer-to-peer fundraising, but donors find it easy to donate when following links from a friend’s social media share.

The Electronic Giving Solutions (EGS) platform offered by Stewardship Technology also offers easy fundraising options if a peer-to-peer fundraiser does not fit your particular needs. With customized giving forms, event registration, text-to-give and more, EGS makes it easier than ever for people to donate to your cause.


Peer-to-peer fundraisers reach more donors. With peer-to-peer fundraising, a larger number of donors is able to donate small (or large) amounts, based on their ability and generosity. Traditional fundraisers often miss these smaller donations.

By integrating a peer-to-peer fundraiser into a larger fundraising plan, your organization or interest can reach more donors than ever before.


Nearly one third of online donations are made through peer-to-peer campaigns.* The smaller donations of individuals add up to major impact for your cause! With all of the tools included in the EGS platform, you can impact more lives through your philanthropic interests.

*Donor Engagement Study: Aligning Nonprofit Strategy with Donor Preferences, Abila, Inc. 2015.