Reaching the Fantasy Audience as a Fundraiser

Reaching the Fantasy Audience as a Fundraiser

By Matthew Samuelson,

There is a massive crossover between the demographic that plays fantasy sports and the demographic that’s the most likely to make a donation to a nonprofit. Learn how you can more effectively reach the 56 million people that love fantasy sports.

Fantasy players and nonprofit supporters. Is there really a crossover between those groups? Through our research and our own survey, there’s a major opportunity for nonprofits to find lifelong donors by targeting a demographic that’s already the most likely to make a charitable donation.

The Fantasy Demographic

Daily fantasy games and traditional fantasy leagues are an estimated $18.6 billion dollar industry made up of 56 million players in North America. Of the 56 million people, 90% are caucasian and 80% are males. The average age is 34 and the majority of them have a college degree and a full-time job. Of the 56 million fantasy players, 40 million play fantasy football.

As for their lifestyle, fantasy players are twice as likely to have been to a sports bar in the last 30 days compared to the average American. The average fantasy fan consumes 18 hours of sports a week, on top of 9 hours of fantasy sports a week. That’s a lot of time spent tinkering your lineup! 74% of fantasy players prefer beer for an adult beverage, and they’re 47% more likely to have had a frozen pizza in the last 7 days. While that’s a rather unhealthy lifestyle, they’re also 57% more likely to belong to a gym. Have to burn off those calories somehow.

Give Game found that both players that identified as gamers, and people 18-34 were more likely to want social exposure or some sort of rewards when donating to a nonprofit. You can see the full summary here.

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