This Accepted Use Policy has been enacted by Stewardship Technology to identify acceptable and unacceptable uses of the EGS Network. This Accepted Use Policy is part of the User Agreement; therefore by using the service you accept and agree to be bound to this policy. Stewardship Technology reserves the right to revise the Accepted Use Policy at any time.

Stewardship Technology provides services to 501(c)3 NOT FOR PROFIT organizations and to those who supports those organizations. Services provided by Stewardship Technology may not be used for any unacceptable or illegal activity. Stewardship Technology reserves the right to take preventative or corrective actions to protect itself and its users. Engaging in any unacceptable or illegal activities will result in the termination of your account, funds involved in the unacceptable or illegal activity may be forfeited by the user, and the user will not be eligible for refunds of fees paid to use the service. Users who have violated the Accepted Use Policy are not permitted to create a new account of any kind.

Any dispute as to the enforcement of this policy by Stewardship Technology may be made directly to Stewardship Technology in writing and mailed to Stewardship Technology, Inc, Attn: Accepted Use Policy Dispute, P.O. Box 987, Mount Vernon, OH 43050. To report any unacceptable or illegal activity that violates the Accepted Use Policy, email