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Thought Leader Webinar Schedule

Through Stewardship's Thought Leader Series, you will learn about industry trends, tools, and resources to help your donor communities. All webinars will be held at 2pm Eastern. Webinars are complimentary to anyone.

Stay tuned for Stewardship's 2020 Webinar Schedule.

End-of-year Planning Guide

Through Stewardship's resources and digital solutions, your organization can expand your cause's reach to impact many communities. Check out our End-of-Year Planning Guide and begin your year-end strategy today!


Thought Leader Webinar Resource Library

Stewardship's Thought Leader Series, provides industry trends, tools, and resources to help your donor communities. Below you will find a library of past webinars and roundtable discussions.

  • Year End Planning Webinar

    With a new year on the horizon, you may be wondering how can I acquire new donors and retain your current donors – we have you covered! Stewardship’s Julianne Manning will provide you with tips and tricks for reviewing your year-end strategies and how your organization can make an impact with your donors to secure their support in 2020.

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  • Digital Fundraising Webinar

    Thought Leader Ashley Dewart, Executive Director of New Day Women’s Clinic, shared her expertise in digital fundraising by walking us through how she implemented new fundraising strategies to fund new medical services in her clinic.

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  • Make an Impact with your #GivingTuesday Campaign

    Learn effective ways to utilize cause marketing to reach donors and how your organization can expand your #GivingTuesday campaign impact.

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  • Reach Younger Donors with FUN

    Reaching donors has become harder than ever - between the number of organizations that need funds to the expectations that giving should be as easy as ordering an Uber. Looking beyond the traditional methods of the "ask" is critical, especially when connecting with Millennial donors. Matt Golis joins us and is an expert when it comes to connecting with young donors. Matt shares his expertise in fundraising and how your organization can switch things up this fall.

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  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

    Peer-to-peer fundraising is the new buzz in fundraising and Stewardship Technology wants to share with you what the buzz is all about. Thought Leader, Trey Swallow, joined us to share how the fundraising industry is changing.

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  • Google Grants Webinar

    To help you maximize your advertising efforts and expand your donor reach, Stewardship invited Jacob Barr of iRapture, to teach you how to set up your Google Ad Grants account and expand on strategies.

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  • Funding Camps & Retreats Webinar

    Stewardship partnered up with Ben Steiger, President and Founder of Heart of the Outdoors. Ben shares the challenges and how to’s with fundraising for summer camps and retreats.

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  • Event Management - Walks, Runs, & 5K

    Explore event management and how to’s for creating a walk or run with guest Thought Leader Betty Acker. Betty shares with you her expertise in event fundraising and provides tricks to help you with your next event

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  • Fundraising 101 Webinar

    Spring Fundraising 101 will share with you fundraising tools and resources that will help you bloom your spring fundraisers. Guest Speaker, Cindy Violet of Pregnancy Resource of Delaware County, shares fundraising basics and ideas you can use to expand your donor reach.

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