Could 2020 actually be your best-ever Giving Tuesday?

We are less than one month away from #GivingTuesday! We understand the burnout from 2020 is real and it may feel like donor fatigue is setting in—but as we approach the finish line it’s more important than ever to keep your focus.

Remember that in a typical year, December can bring in ~30% of the year’s donations, which can make a tremendous difference for your organization’s 2021.

And in a year that has been anything but typical, support for charitable giving initiatives is actually trending higher than ever! In fact, online giving in 2020 continues to surpass 2019.

Data from Classy’s 2020 State of Modern Philanthropy report shows how this year’s GivingTuesday could actually be the most impactful:

  • 39% of people plan to give more in 2020 than in prior years
  • Nonprofits can secure 4-6X the number of donors on GivingTuesday as compared to any other day
  • GivingTuesday donors are 3-4X more likely to become recurring donors

How do you make sure you’re ready?

    • Make sure your social media content is working hard for you
    • Keep up your posting cadence, and spend the time to craft your messages to maximize engagement
    • Using hashtags attracts 60% more engagement
    • Keep hashtags simple and easy to remember. Engagement drops off when you use two or more words in a hashtag.
    • Remember the power of video—57% of donors donate after watching a video. So make sure you encourage your network of ambassadors to help share your video on social channels to broaden its reach
    • If you’re not already, create contests
    • Incorporate additional giving options at events, such as text-to-give
    • Create a sense of urgency with contests given at different time frames throughout the day
    • Extra swag or any non-money donations can be help incentivize recurring gifts
    • Make it FUN!
    • Show your gratitude!
    • Skip the pricey print materials and show your thanks with thoughtful emails, social media callouts, or any other creative way to show thanks.
    • Know your customer! Would a hand-written thank you make your donors’ day? Sometimes a personal touch can become a lasting memento that gets displayed on the mantle or on the fridge next to their holiday cards.
    • Do you have extra branded swag that can also double as advertisements, like tshirts, tote bags, stickers, or other “stocking stuffers?” Even small tokens of gratitude can go a long way!

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