COVID-19: How the Pregnancy Center of Coastal Bend Switched to Online Giving

COVID-19 has presented new challenges and increased needs to communities all over the world. Fewer in-person giving opportunities, cancelled live fundraising events, and limitations on large gatherings have left many nonprofits, including pregnancy resource centers, scrambling to reschedule events and find new ways to continue to bring in the donations they so heavily rely on.

Stewardship’s Customer Care Manager Julianne Manning, recently interviewed Jana Pinson, Executive Director of Pregnancy Center of Coastal Bend (PCCB), where she shares her experience leading a nonprofit through these ever-changing times.

Jana was faced with the difficult task of shifting the format of the center’s annual banquet to a virtual event. One third of the center’s annual funds come from this banquet, so finding a way to bring in even a portion of those funds was a must for the center to continue offering its services to its community.

Transitioning to Online Donations

Invitations to the approximately 2,000 attendees were ready to be mailed when Jana made the call to go online. Her goal now was hosting a successful virtual event that could raise the same amount of donations that their annual banquet would, while still showing the community the heart of who the PCCB is.

The barbeque and entertainment had to be cancelled, and speeches shortened, but the key message of providing pregnancy education and resources to their community remained the same.

The new format did not stop Pregnancy Center of Coastal Bend supporters! They continued their outreach to their family and friends, sharing webpage links and landing pages instead of paper invitations. They offered donors more information about the center, inviting them to register for the virtual event and give them an easy way to accept online donations.

Raising Online Funds from 500+ Donors

Jana and her team were able to successfully hold their April 16th virtual event. Using electronic giving solutions, PCCB raised over $355,000 from over 500 donors, up $44,000 from last year’s live event!

While events may have to be adjusted, remaining true to your core message, and continuing to promote that message online can offer similar success.

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