Donor Assist Recently Expanded to Include ACH

A major update to our Donor Assist program was pushed out into production during the month of May. Stewardship now allows donors to cover the cost of ACH transactions for their chosen Nonprofit if they so choose to. Previously this functionality was just reserved for credit card transactions. Now anyone using the new Biggest Bestest Most Awesomest form as their giving form of choice can take advantage of this new feature.

Stewardship has revised the way that this is set up in our the system. We are now automatically creating a Donor Paid Admin Fees designation in the system to streamline setup and reporting. We have also gone to flat-rate pricing for Donor Assist at 3.5% for CC and 1% for ACH.

We hope that you all take advantage of this feature and our new Biggest Bestest Most Awesomest form. Enjoy the savings. At Stewardship it is our goal to help you fund your mission!